Am I Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend?

If you think the reason you don’t have a girlfriend is because you are “too ugly”, I’ve got news for you.  You’re just rationalizing and making excuses.

Here’s a reality check when it comes to attracting women: looks don’t matter.

This fact is especially true if you’re looking for a long term, committed relationship. You may have problems and shortcomings that are keeping you from meeting women, but they have nothing to do with your appearance.

There’s no doubt that attractive men have it easier in certain situations. They probably have an advantage when it comes to picking up random women in bars.  They probably have an easier time ‘getting in the door’ with any woman.  But other than in the most superficial encounters when all a woman knows about you is what you look like, there’s no intrinsic importance to a man’s appearance.

It doesn’t matter what you look like.  You aren’t too ugly to get a girlfriend.

And here’s why…


Looks Aren’t Very Important For Men


For some reason, men that are horrible with women like to make excuses instead of tackling the real problem…themselves.  For example, some guys blame women: they’re too ‘stuck up’, superficial, money grubbing, etc.  Others justify their self-loathing by blaming their lack of appeal to the opposite sex on a personal characteristic. Extra points if it’s something they can’t change.

In both cases, these lovelorn men are trying to deflect responsibility to someone or something else.  It can take a lot of work to become the type of high-quality man that is universally attractive to women (take a look at the Girlfriend Activation System if you want to make it a whole lot easier).  Men who don’t want to make this significant of an effort often convince themselves that a circumstance outside of their control makes it impossible to attract women. Psychologically, this type of rationalization lets them ‘off the hook’.

Simply put, looks aren’t a legitimate excuse for a man’s inability to attract women.  Looks are particularly meaningless in long term relationships as women tend to choose men who are the most supportive rather than the best-looking.  Even research has shown that attractive men are less likely to be satisfied in a serious relationship than average or less attractive men. Furthermore, a relationship involving a man who is more attractive than his wife or girlfriend is less likely to succeed.

Obviously, there are good looking men who are attractive to women in other ways. That being said, women sometimes get into relationships with attractive men for superficial reasons. This type of relationship will fail if there’s no substance behind the man’s appearance.


What Women Really Want In A Man


There are several traits that make men almost universally attractive to women.  None has to do with ‘looks’ per se.

This truth doesn’t excuse you from proper dress, grooming, and deportment.  Taking care of yourself reflects positively on your maturity, responsibility, and confidence: all qualities that women prioritize in a man. You might not look like a male model, but that’s no excuse to let yourself go.

Ultimately, every trait that women consider universally attractive can be boiled down to three core areas: personality, providing, protecting. Of those three qualities, personality is most important.

The men that women find most attractive are often mature, confident, responsible, intelligent, and have a good sense of humor.  They are also passionate about their lives and have goals and aspirations for the future.  It doesn’t hurt to be able to provide for her needs and protect her from harm, but for the right personality that’s negotiable.


Excuses And Rationalization Don’t Bring Success


It’s that simple. Making excuses and placating yourself with rationalizations will get you nowhere in life.

This reality is true for meeting women, building relationships, making friends, achieving professional success, and every other important area of life. You may have been ‘dealt a hand’ that forces you to put in more work in certain areas of life. That’s not an excuse to quit, however.

No matter what you look like, your life will improve dramatically when you start to exert the effort to become the best version of you.  That starts by eliminating the mindset that you are too ugly to get a girlfriend.  That simply isn’t true.


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