How To Get A Girlfriend Without Being Rejected

Are you in between seeing someone and taking her out for a date? So you’ve got your vibes right, sharpened every bit of it and now preparing to cast the spell but still have something holding you? If doubts is the thing holding you, this guide is for you.

It happens to almost every guy out there not because you are an amateur but lets just say that it is nature and the way things are. Nobody under the sun would like to lose any battle that they get into and for something so important like choosing a girlfriend you just need to play your cards better than ever.

Rejection is among the fears of every man out there (no doubt about that). It however is something that can be done away with easily without sweating your pants off. In this write-up we will focus on the crucial pointers on how to get a girlfriend without being rejected.  Think of it as your own personal girlfriend system.

Here you go with the tips:

Do more than just a dinner

Most men think that dinner is always the magic sauce. If you were thinking it this way then you are dead wrong and you need to “up” your game. A lady will always fall for something out of the box and something that strikes them by surprise. A dinner is more of an obvious scenario and even though you may need it, you should use it as a platform to bring in something that she will love. Color the dinner, make it stand out and give her something that will strike her.

Be yourself

If you thought that you can play Rio Fernandez for the night and make yourself better than you are then be ready for a big surprise (a horrible one). Acting makes you look stupid and a lady will always know when you are faking it. Don’t be a perfectionist; just make her feel comfortable around you by sprinkling your date with things that she likes (You should have long known what she loves the first time you met her).

Call upon the power of “touch”

If you ask dating expert about the power of the touch, they will tell you that it is the holy grail. However, as much as the touch can be the game changer, it can mess things up. You need to be gentle and take everything slow. Start with the hands, be gentle and don’t stop till she is in. Be sure to spy on her reaction to the touch so that you know when to push in for more and when to take it slow.

Let the cat out of the bag

After you have played her in, touched her and seen that she is in, don’t waste any of you time; move closer and give her a kiss (something she will be waiting for at that moment). Congrats! You are the man and of course she is in (Don’t lose focus now).

Making a choice on who you date is not like deciding whether to have peanut butter or bologna for your sandwich where you can flip a coin and make your move (it just doesn’t work that way). You only need one strike of the match to get the whole situation lighting up; don’t let yourself down because you have always wanted this.