Why Men Pull Away – Are You Unknowingly Driving Your Man Out The Door?

Have you started to notice that the man you used to love has changed? That he no longer acts the way he used to when you two first dates?  If so, then the chances are that you are trying to figure out why he changed, blissfully unaware of the fact that in many cases, men change only as a direct consequence of their partner’s actions.

Was he the type of gentleman who always opened the car door and surprised you with a nice, fresh bouquet of flowers, every now and then, yet now he barely does any of that? There are many reasons why men change their attitude, and while some of them have absolutely nothing to do with you, there are some aspects related to your behavior that might have directly influenced him.

If you noticed that you started to argue increasingly often lately or that you criticize each other more than ever before, then the chances are that the two of you are slowly growing apart, and if you do not act quickly, your marriage may go down the drain before you even realize it.

However, before you move on to blaming your man for no longer acting as he used to, it is very important to ask yourself several basic questions that will help you understand the situation better, and go back to being the amazing couple everybody used to envy.

Analyze Your Behavior First!

If you have noticed that your man is no longer as romantic or gentle as he used to be during the first few dates, then it is crucial to ask yourself what happened in the meantime. Did one of you lose interest in the other one? Did you break his trust? Did you listen to him whenever he wanted to share something? Did you make him feel respected and appreciated?

Deep inside, men want to be respected, loved, appreciated and cared for just as much as women do, even if they do not say it out loud. If he feels that you have grown cold and distant, his actions will only reflect yours. One thing is for sure, though: the man you have fallen in love with is still there, trapped deep inside, and all you have to do is to convince him to come out and play again.

Taking responsibility for your own fault is a very difficult thing to do, as it takes courage and objectivity to admit when it’s your fault. Partners tend to criticize each other and to complain about things they do (or do not do) too often, instead of cherishing their true values and qualities.

We often tend to take the things we have for granted, we forget to appreciate and love what we have, and we often tend to go behind the back of our partner or to put him down, simply because we cannot cope with our own fears and frustrations.

If you can stop for a second and analyze yourself objectively and realize that you identify with one or more than the situations described above, then you have just answered your question: your man changed because you did, and the only thing for the two of you to resume your marriage, friendship or relationship is to simply “reset” your personalities and to go back to the people you used to be.

Mutual trust, respect, honestly and genuine love are the key ingredients for a long-lasting connection.